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March 07, 2012


Hogday Afternoon

We became friends in the blogosphere, we exchanged e-mails on subjects of mutual interest, he was always gracious and helpful, a real `gent`. Not that I needed telling, but his untimely death served as a bitter reminder of how the world of the fast jet pilot can turn pear-shaped in less than a blink. I salute Lex, I mourn his passing, I think positive thoughts for his family and friends and I thank others like him, through your website, for doing what you do and how brilliantly you do it. Thank you, my dear Uncle Sam's Naval Aviators.


Godspeed Lex

Colleen Keller

Lex was truly a special person, a good friend, a profound writer, and a careful pilot. The joy he found in flying was complete. I will miss you, buddy.

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