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May 29, 2011



I think JFK is a suitable and honorable name. great post.

S. White

So many other names out there to choose from. Oh well.

SoCal Pir8

There'll never be another Arizona but one JFK is enough. Give us back our traditions, Enterprise, Ranger, Lexington, Hornet, and one of my favorites, Bourbon, a frigate, launched in 1783 but not completed.

Jack Napiare

Ahhhh.. ok who's the Jack Wagon who came up with this idea? Couldn't they name it something a little more epic and respectable?


So much for the legacy of the Enterprise!

Now I have to wait for Capt. Kirk to be born for the next one!


As it has been said in many different ways, it could have been worse: USS Lyndon B. Johnson, USS William J. Clinton.
"So let us begin anew..."
USS Enterprise CVN-80. Period.


Lord please help us all!
JFK is not a bad name.
But it is to so to reuse it.
I am afraid to see what the next ssn's are named. I hope that somebody get's a clue.
Barry Goldwater ain't an answer either.
Lexington, Enterprise, or Arizona is what I
would like to see!

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