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March 31, 2010


Christina Stewart

Lt. Miroslav Zilberman, 31, of Columbus, Ohio, Naval Officer/Husband/Father, remained on that aircraft so that the others could survive. The pilot determined the autopilot could not maintain safe level flight for all to egress so he elected to stay so the other would have a chance. His widow was presented with Zilberman's Distinguished Flying Cross at the conclusion of his memorial at NAS Norfolk.


Abrek was remembered yesterday (08 APR) at NS Norfolk. He was awarded a posthumous DFC.

Steeljaw Scribe

Sooooo, may be you ought to perhaps read a little closer?

"the E-2 is the only *fixed wing* aircraft operating off the carrier today without ejection seats"

Last time I looked, helos were referred to as *rotary* winged aircraft...
w/r, SJS


Sooooooooo, when did the helicopters get ejection seats....or is it that you don't think they are real airplanes hmmmmm?????

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