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January 18, 2010


Matthew Sikes

My father served aboard the USS Enterprise before I was born. He was aboard when it caught fire in 69. He told me that before it happened he just sent 2 guys to replace a panel on a A-7 Corsair. He said he was in the hanger bay at the forward elevator. Having a Navy without a vessel named Enterprise & all that she represents, is a shame. The next hull CVN-79 should bear the name. Politics play too much into the way things are done in the military as a whole. Just because something is old doesn't mean its not any good or have any worth. It will be a sad day when Enterprise retires. I know its just a ship, but I will mourn our loss. Thank You,crew of the USS Enterprise(past & present)for a job well done.

Janet Bethards Coleman

My father, John Bethards, died on the USS Enterprise in 1976, I hope the name lives on with newer carriers! I agree, they shouldn't be named after politicians.

Larry Spry

The Name USS ENTERPRISE is as much a part of the Navy and the word Navy. With out the Name USS Enterprise the US Navy would not be the same . Lets keep the name in Honor of all the brave men who die on all the other USS Enterprise's and not let them be forgotten.


Two names that should always be on an aircraft carrier: America and Enterprise.

Stop naming these ships after politicians, especially if they are still breathing!!!


CVN-79 will be the John F.Kennedy per SECNAV Mabus on 29 May 2011.

John Short

I served on enterprise and it was a great time in my life growing up a trek fan in the 60's and 70's then being a part of her airwing 11 as a flight deck trouble shooter catapult finale checker with vaw-117 was a thrill that last a life time i hope they name the cvn79 after her there should alway's be a enterprise boldly going where no sailor has gone before to protect are sealane's and nation.


The name Enterprise has been assoiated with history making achievments for over 70 years in both science fiction (star trek) and historicle fact (most decorated warship in WW2, first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in 1960 and soon to be longest serving warship).


my brother is serving on the current Enterprise, he said there are 3 round windows from the original wooden Enterprise installed, and there seems to be no question the new one will be called Enterprise, after tradition.


I know some people want CVN-65 USS Enterprise to be reserved as a museum ship but this is not likely to happen...
a) It's very expensive to preserve and maintain such large ships as musems;
b) The nuclear recycling and disposal program will require large holes to be cut into CVN-65's hull for the purpose of lifting her reactors for safe internment elsewhere. It's not an option to leave such toxic materials onboaard. There will be so much hull damage after this that there will be no point in doing anything other than scrapping the rest of the hull.
The most viable option is preserving CVN-65's distinctive island as a museum piece. I'm sure extant items from CV-6 onboard CVN-65 will be donated or possibly be incorporated into a new carrier Enterprise.

As for CVN-79, the practice of naming new carriers after distinguished ships or historic battles should continue with this ship. The legacy of the Enterprise (CVN-65, CV-6 and their predecessors) is not something that should be lightly discarded because someone wants to name a ship "after their buddy."

CVN-79 SHOULD be designated USS Enterprise. It doesn't matter that she isn't the lead ship of her class. CV-6 wasn't the lead ship of her class, either, and went on to be the most decorated ship in US Naval History...


When Enterprise CV-6 was scraped(Unthinkable) a port hole was taken and welded into the Enterprise CVN-65. I think that port hole should be taken out and welded into the new Enterprise CVN-79. I was stationed onboard the Nimitz CVN-68 and there are two port holes bellow the island starbord side in the admiral and Captains cabin. The Enterprise cv-6's port hole should be put there in the Captains cabin.


Yes, the next one should be named Enterprise. The most decorated ship of the USN. I vote the next one after Enterprise should be Yorktown or Hornet or Lexington.


I realize this is a NAVAIR crowd, but DD/DDG's are traditionally named after Naval Heroes/Leaders (USN/USMC). Please DO NOT contaminate a class of warships with political varmints. The Alreigh Burkes have remained FOD-free and let's keep it that way. Mr. Polmar (USNI) with another naval publication has written extensively on "naming" and that would be a good place to start.

Bill Rodgers

There needs to be a resolution passed to no longer name anything other than destroyers with the name of a politican. The next class should be named after the carriers that fought in WW2.

And the Navy needs to go back to the traditional means of naming ships classes. The mess we have now was politically motivated.




To name CVN-79 the Enterprise seems bit lame. It won't be the lead ship in a new class, it's not significantly different then the soon to retire ship. The whole concept is just, meh...

Unless the Navy waits till the next administration, naming the ship for Goldwater is a political non-starter (as is my personal favorite, USS Donald Rumsfeld!)

Howard S. G. McCalla

As a student of Military History, the only other Warship that comes close to the WWII Enterprise in rich battle glory would be the British Battleship Warspite that fought with distinction in both World Wars.

CVN 79 must carry The Enterprise name forward to properly support and maintain the image and tradition of the US Navy.

For information, I am a Jamaican.

James Henderson

I believe that the next available hull should be named USS Enterprise, and I also believe that CVN-65 should, following its pending retirement, be maintained as a temporary museum ship dedicated to both it and CV-6, until the new USS Enterprise is commissioned.

Evan A Hudec

To not have a USS Enterprise actively Serving the United States is unthinkable.

Ralph Roberts

The USS ENTERPRISE carried herself so valienty in WW-2,that we should all be proud to have a new USS-ENTERPRISE.

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