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November 07, 2008


Brent R. Erwin

OK Commander....Please .urn your head and coughh

JJ McKenna

Why, yes... The Skipper DID get one of them GM SuperStimulus turbo-diesel RVs; why do you ask?

mike higgins

Good grief! If this guy would only learn to use the "piddle pack".

Jim Preston(Stoner's Dad)

Where is the starter crank ?


Here.. we see a member of the USAF 4557th Tactical Chemical Refuse Collection and Transportation Squadron, using a Class "A" Mark 1 Mod 0 "Precision Accumulation Infusion Latrine" or PAIL.


Corvette juice...they won't miss a gallon or so.

John Carmichael

Ok Thag... that I like! (Editor)


We collect it and sell it to the Navy. I think they call it "bug juice".


You just couldn't wait until we got home!?

AVCM (AW) Thomas Cantrell Ret-86

Engine oil dump at shutdown? Where's the EPA?

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