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October 02, 2008


Stephen Heckler

I agree with the above comment that we should simply cancel the F-35 program entirely and migrate the technology to "legacy" platforms. Even better would be to build new F-15,F-16, and F-18's with the technology built in right from the get go, so that the older planes with thousands of flight hours may be retired, so safety and maintainability is assured


Part of my rant of late has been "Cancel the JSF, and migrate the technology to existing platforms; F-15/16/18/22 et. Al."

We're placing too much value in a program that has yet to be fielded, and we simply cannot afford to wait as we did with the V-22 Osprey. The Fighter gap exists in all Services, is growing unchecked, while threats overseas also continue to grow unchecked.

IMO, specific platforms need to be designed for each Service, independent of one another, with the respective Services dictating the mission requirements and required Force levels for their platform.

To the contrary, with DoD and Congress dictating terms, U.S. warfighting capability will be become severely hamstrung, and we will see our worldwide posture irreversibly diminished.

Not exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind. Is it?

James Cregg

Although I was not in the service, I am of a family in which my mother worked for the Navy for 30 years, and my father was in the Marines for 20 years. I guess by osmosis, I developed a respect for Navy and Marine aviation and more. The F/A-18F is a superior aircraft and should be fully funded. That is all, Jim Cregg

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