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August 22, 2008



This is no sh!t - the wind was so fricking strong it bent the island over!

The Boss

FYI: "Hell Has Frozen Over"


August, 2008, Global Warming, my a$$!


Join the Navy and see the world, he says. Tropical breezes and a girl in every port. If I ever find that recruiter...


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.. jack frost nipping at your nose.. A Russian Flanker on elevator 2!!!


First we paint a plane like a Russian plane.
Now we have Russian weather...

What color do we have to paint the thing to get Tahiti weather?


First we paint a bug like a Russian. Now we have to have Russian weather?

This exercise is getting too real.


Must have been a hellofa storm... we trapped a Flanker.


Realm of Arctic Cricle certificate - Cool ??!?

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