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August 19, 2008





You know...in my defense the exact same KC-10 had f'd up a Super Etendard the day before it f'd me up. And a Prowler had suffered the same abuse the week before - but, because of where the metal knuckle ended up relative to his IFR probe, he didn't lose either of his canopies.

Not really the USAF's fault though - everyone was really whipping the ponies to get it done in those first couple of months. And pretty much ever since, I suppose.

I sent the origional email to my sister. I modified it with more specific details to use as my statement to the mishap board. Based on the details I subsequently found in the copies on the internet, I could tell it was the Safety Officer that sent it on.

I was pissed at the time, but no real harm done. Nothing compared to the time Toonces sent out the email about the Kitty Hawk getting jumped by the Sukhois. Man, he flat disappeared for a couple years after that one...

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