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February 20, 2008


Jim Keil

I remember David well. I was down the hall two rooms in the SOQ. Doc Sinclair operated on my leg, which I injured playing football for the base team, the Goshawks.

I'm thrilled to hear how things turned out for David in his life. I have thought of him often. Things looked so bleak when they first brought him in.

I have kept in touch with another SOQ mate over the years.

Ron Shimell

I remember this mid-air collision well. I was an ATN working on the West line at the time. I heard a sound and looked up to see both planes hitting the ground. For me this was the day that reality sunk in and I realized the danger in what we were doing. I am glad to learn that Mr. De Meyer survived. For some reason I thought that all three men were killed.

Unfortunately this would not be the only deadly crash at VT-2 during my stay at Whiting Field.

Jack (John V.) Ouellette, Fmr. Lt., Royal Canadian Navy

During a night landing in the T28 while in flight training with the USN in Dec.,1959, when I was at the 90 position in my approach, suddenly the blue exhaust of another T28 came at me from my starboard side and above. I immediately banked to the left, called out my situation and went around again. I found a nice safe position in the pattern and landed. The duty Ops. officer that night, a Marine major, had me and a Navcad......I think his name was Casey, in his office for an hour or so trying to sort out who was where he shouldn't have been, to no avail. I went on to finish flight training in Trackers, in Kingsville, and then into helicopters in Canada, leaving the Navy a few years later. I consider myself very lucky to have reached a pensionable age.

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