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February 22, 2008


AVCM Thomas Cantrell (AW)

Fwiw, my perspective includes full career in the Navy, retired MCPO in 86, then found second career as USAF Afets (Air Force Engineering Technical Services) (Naesu-like) on their F111's (D model, G model, and EF Spark Vark.) The 111 was (and is- to the Aussies at least) a huge consumer of resources, many times with very little benefit. I suffered (?) with phenomenal job security, if you got a few GI's trained to be decent, competent, and trustworthy technicians, the AF would gladly crosstrain them to something like 'Mail Bouy watchers' with little or no recourse. The air crews were a whole other odd universe. The stories I could tell of their Phase one and Phase two exercises, WHEW!

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