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July 30, 2007



When he was CAG, flying his A-7 he was our CAP cover Operation Praying Mantis 1988 USS Enterprise. Hormuz Highway Patrol CAG 11 Then I remember at NASNI, San Dog we were attempting to show him what the S3 could and we couldn't even get a huffer to start No.1; He was so pissed, yelling to my Ops O..."this is a Master Jet Base where the hell is the Skipper?" LOL!!!

Finally launched, we had to return half hour later dumping fuel to land. Talk about a bad day for the S3 and my Ops O.

KB CPO (retired)
S3A/B Aircrew
CAG 11 Dice Renegade Patch Holder


I am just finding out about Capt Canepa's passing obviously quite a few years late. I remember him vividly as the Chief of Staff at COMNAVAIRPAC where I was stationed as the Admiral's personal driver for 3 great years. When not driving the Admiral, I would enjoy taking "Bullet" where ever he needed to go and loved listening to his stories and his views on life. He was never one to mince words he told you exactly what he thought of people or situations. I learned alot from him and the way he conducted himself which was always above reproach. Captain Canepa may you rest in peace and as you always said "I am a dot on the horizon"

Norm Joseph

I am just finding out. From CO in VF-21 to CAG on the Midway. I would follow anywhere to fix h. Jet. God Bless. Norm Joseph. AD1 (AW) Current VF151 reunion member. See face book

mike donahue

I think I remember seeing his name on an A-7 on the USS Midway (mid eighties)Va-56 or 93?. Rest in Peace, Sir.


I found a canopy near the Mojave Airport with Bob Canepa stenciled on the side. I don't know if anyone's interested in it, but if you are, shoot me an email and I'll send you the info for the place.

Clarence Tennis

"Bullet" Bob Canepa was my first commanding officer in the active U. S. Navy. VF-21 1979 at NAS Miramar. I checked in as an Airman Apprentice and was ushered to his ready room with about twenty other new "check-ins" after the return of the squadron from deployment on the U. S. S Ranger. It was probably in November or so. In San Diego it's hard to tell the season when you grew up in Indiana.

But the one thing I do remember is when we were all seated he looked from his podium and saw a sailor in the group that was in a less than suitable uniform whom he had known previously. He then ordered the said sailor to stand up and then told him in a voice quite elevated to report to the Command Master Chief that he was to be put on report and that "his attitude was not to be displayed in front of his newly acquired troops."

I wasn't sure then what to expect in his Navy, new out of boot camp and "A" and "B" school. Was I just in an extension of boot camp?

Once the "gentleman" was removed from the proceedings, Commander Canepa apologized for his outburst and explained that he wasn't trying to scare us, but that he expected us to live to a standard that befitted the Navy tradition, and his expectations of us.

I truly believe my first meeting with this man was one of the most influential moments of my life. He had a saying that I still use thirty years later. . . "Work hard, play hard. . .and everything will be fine."

I miss him. And now I really miss him.

Clarence F. Tennis III
AQ1 retired


I remember Bob and his beautiful wife from a St. Bernard's high school reunion in Reno, Nevada years ago. I didn't graduate from St. Bernard's but my wife did.

Bob and his wife attended all the social functions. I have no idea how good he was as a pilot. But I do know this...I have never met a more socially skillful, gracious and considerate man in my life.

CDR Tim McGuire, SC, USN, Ret

I remember Bob from Eureka High School. I dated his sister Sharon. Never saw him after high school, but our paths passed many ways. He was CAG on the USS Midway, which I am a plank owner on as an E3 in 1957. I retired from USN off Midway on 15 Jan 1979, as Supply Oficer. I have a friend,Capt Tim Meyers, who was Executive Officer on USS Ranger when I was Stores Officer, (S1-Division) I saw him recently and he said he was a friend of Bob's said to say hello to everyone.


Mark Tabing, CDR USN (ret)

Bob was Air Ops on the first CRUDESGRU (RADM Moreau CCDG-3) that took a CVBG (BG-E Ranger, '82) to WESTPAC & the IO. As fine an officer, gentleman & character as I ever met. RIP Bob and you'll always be in my thoughts.


Sad news. I remember him as a squadron CO and then again as a CAG when I was going through SLATS.....(a long time ago).

Prayers for him and his family.

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