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July 31, 2007


Hal Jorden

Can I jest say.... SWEET!


F-15? F-16? Their HUDs never looked as simple as that~

That's definitely a Super Hornet. Why are they so criticizing the Super Hornet so much?


Credibility is DOWN, kill ratio is UP!


Sour grapes. The "bullets at target range" symbology equates to bullets at target range. 20mm high explosive incendiary bullets at target range.

Silly PAOs.


I found this on a discussion forum-
It's apparently a quote from a F-22 Driver-
I don't know how credible it is, but
it sounds reasonable:

"The Hornet "snap" shot - good story. Happened here at Langley. It was a stock, combat configured F-22 flying a BFM (dogfighting) sortie against an airshow configured, i.e. squeeky clean, not combat configured or loaded, Super Hornet (not at all representative of how it performs with 8 pylons, an EA pod and 4-6 or missiles hanging off the rails and probably a fuel tank or two or their out of gas real quick...). It started from a 9000 foot line abreast 300 knot setup (which AF pilots never fly) where they turned into each other at the "fights on" call. It's not a scenario we fly because we never find ourselves in those parameters, we try to set up realistic parameters we expect to see in combat - otherwise the lessons learned aren't applicable and while it might be fun it's not a good use of scarce training time (I don't know if that's a setup the Navy flies or it might just have been a quick attempt to get a last engagement in if they were low on gas - I don't have that info). The Hornet pilot gave up everything he had to point at the Raptor and take a snap shot - it was NOT a tracking shot (stabilized and enough bullets to cause a kill), it was about 2 or 3 frames (many more required to cause a kill…"

Steeljaw Scribe

"First one to the blackboard wins..."

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