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« Naval Aviator (oh yeah... and one of the Original Mercury 7 Astronauts) Wally Schirra Dies | Main | Events Upcoming! »

May 03, 2007



Capt. Schirra was one of my heroes. Naval Aviator,Tailhooker, one of the Original Seven Mercury astronauts, mission commander on his Gemini and Apollo flights, an author and TV commentator. He always had a great smile and a love of telling the tales of flying and spaceflight. Godspeed Wally.

Deborah Aylward

Capt. Schirra always seemed to be truly enjoying all means of aviation and his love of flying came through loud and clear in his interviews and his writings. In many ways his passing is truly the end of a magical era. Thank you for your tribute to an outstanding U.S.Navy Officer. The Capt. certainly exemplified all for which the Navy stands. God Bless from Canada.

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