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March 29, 2007


Tom Wagner

And I was told and had always beleived that
Cubi point was named Cubi because the civilians would not take on the project so the CB'S were asked, Can U Build It? Thus
the name CUBI Point, I was unaware of
Construction Unit Battalion 1, The history
says MCB 3 started the project and MCB 5
finished it. That is - Mobile Construction
Battalion. I have never heard during my
Naval career of Construction Unit Battalion.
So how was it REALY named????

Willy Hoot

After San Miguel, the Cubi Special was the drink of choice among most of us who regularly blew our paychecks at the Cubi O'Club. It took awhile, of course, at ten-cents a drink at Happy Hour.


Nice story, one thing jumped out at me, the statement, "little black cabs". There were no black cabs, all were sort of cream colored and run by "Blaylock" a private contractor, they were small though.

Black Bart

Who would'a thunk it?

Those of us fortunate enough to have spent many a day (and nights)enjoying a little R&R in Cubi and its "exotic" environs (I'd certainly be close to qualifying for the 100 shit river crossings patch) know full well about the "two Navys."

Maybe someday I'll give you the story of the time I was thrown out of the Cubi Point hospital after cracking a rib the night before at the Cubi O'Club.

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