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August 28, 2012



Spent three days on the Vinson as part of the film crew for Topgun... the three most intense days of my life. Working on a carrier deck has got to be the single most dangerous, least forgiving job in the world. It's truly dangerous. Say what you will about cops and firemen: An aircraft carrier is life-threatening danger 100% of the time aircraft are moving on that deck. Then it rains, or it's dark, or it's really cold, or really hot and humid. And those kids just keep doing their jobs.

It was truly humbling to know such people work like that for us, day in and day out, practicing to be the best in the world.

And they are.

Also there's a stark difference in Air Force vs. Navy operational procedures.

For instance, the Air Force says, "You have to be 500 feet from centerline for safety during takeoff and landing."

When on a carrier, the Navy says, "Duck!"


Great write-up, Pinch! As a green shirt we felt some of the same responsibility and thrill at each break of the holdback... Every time I crawled out from under this roaring breathing grey missile I got a pride-flash. Miss it every day. Thanks to all who safely carry on our traditions!



Very fun read, Pinch, thanks!

Kerry McCauley

Great write up Pinch!

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