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April 13, 2010



We currently have four stamps being sold honoring "Distinguished Sailors" Three of the four DO NOT have current warships named after them. William Sims, John McCloy and Doris Miller(the 4th is Arleigh Burke/DDG-51)all would have been better picks than the Marine slandering member of congress from PA! The graft and corruption he pushed upon the Defense Dept. was breathtaking. Pathetic.

Wharf Rat

Absolutely - how any Marine will want to serve on this ship, is anyone's guess.

Mr. Ewing had to add the comment about PCU America LHA 6 to justify the Navy (read administration), changing the rules on naming this ship after Murtha.

I'm not at all happy about a link with PCU America, because - and this is no sh...kidding, I gave the Veterans Association of USS America the idea to go after the LHA (R) after their attempt at CVN 78 failed (where it should have succeeded). I attended the naming ceremony of America and Keel Authentication ceremony at their invitation (wow events for a civilian). They made the presentation to SECNAV Winter - they took the idea and made it happen - that's for sure (I'm saying they get all the credit, I'm just part of the story).

But the naming of PCU America LHA 6 is no way germane to this story, and should not be in it.

Rick Wahler

Can we add this to the list of decisions that a new administration can undo? This is just awful.

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