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December 12, 2008



Another familiar name, and cotiormanifn of your comments that the Intarw3b is people.In mid-1974, I was a wet-behind-the- ears-but-never-the-less-salty Second Class Petty Officer in Attack Squadron Forty-Two at NAS Oceana. I remember my shop supervisor coming in and commenting that there was a woman pilot checking in at one of the neighboring squadrons.Being the MCP I was at the time, I wondered aloud "WELL! Wonder how long she's gonna last?"She lasted long enough to administer my last re-enlistment oath, in VAQ-34.CDR (at the time) Mariner stands out as one of the best commanding officers I served under during my career.But she was not the only celebrity to come out of that squadron. There was one LTJG Lisa Caputo, who we now know as CAPT Lisa Nowak.

AVCM (AW) Thomas Cantrell Ret-86

Sunday Punchers! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Fun to remember the answer to one of the Phantom AQ shop guys when he asked "What is that thing?" and we said "Baby ICBM, why?" Or the way we called the shop for the ARM detection system the 'Armpit.'

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