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February 24, 2007


Deborah Aylward

This is only a guess, but could it have been one of the tires? I have no knowledge, whatsoever, of such matters, I just wondered.


The F7U Cutless was known to lose its front gear on lanuch.
Maybe Ronald Reagan's NSDD's are still paying off...


Whatever it was, it appeared to hit the water ahead of the aircraft. If it was a bolter, and it does look like it was, since he was dragging the hook, then the object that hit the water must have accelerated away from the aircraft at some point in order to hit ahead. Mysterious, indeed.

John Carmichael

Thanks for the comment Mike.

I would usually agree with the possibility of the Launch bolt, but two things, one this looks like a bolter instead of a launch, and two, that's a BIG splash!



Sliding catapult launching bolt. Lose one with each plane?

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